Seiko UC-2000

I am an electronics engineer, I take perfectly working things
apart out of sheer curiosity.
My last victim was a Seiko UC-2000 wrist computer,
made in march 1984, more than 18 years ago.

Here we go:

The UC-2000 between a CASIO Hotbiz DB-2000 and a Seiko SJP001P World Timer

Before the massacre...

and the back side...

Open, the movement still inside. The gasket needs to be replaced. Badly.

The empty shell, so dirty, tsk, tsk... 4 pushers on the left.

The back side of the movement.
The copper ring around the battery is the receiver
coil (or antenna?) for the wireless communication system,
the two contacts in the lower left corner connect it to
the "main board".
Note that the battery cage is held down by 4 screws.

The front side of the movement.
The display is also held in place by 4 screws.

The front side of the movement again, focus on the 4 pusher contacts.

Battery removed. We see the white computer core module with
probably two big chips covered by this black glob-top stuff.

Display removed. These 3 (or 4) chips alone are needed to control the
display. 40 alphanumeric characters, each consisting of 5x7 dots,
all in all 1400 dots to control.

The other side of the main board.
The white part is the computer core module.
A 4bit CPU running at 32kHz, 2 KByte RAM, 7.5KByte ROM.
Note the rate trimmer for quartz frequency fine tuning.
Nowadays, they do not put these in watches anymore.

Whole again, up and running.

Think about this - 5 chips in one watch.
And people say digital watches are cheap and simple...